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Here are the meanings commonly associated with flowers of different colors:

  1. Red: Love, passion, romance, and courage.
  2. Pink: Love, gratitude, gentleness, and happiness.
  3. Yellow: Friendship, joy, optimism, and new beginnings.
  4. Orange: Enthusiasm, energy, warmth, and creativity.
  5. White: Purity, innocence, humility, and spirituality.
  6. Purple: Royalty, luxury, beauty, and admiration.
  7. Blue: Serenity, calmness, trust, and harmony.
  8. Green: Renewal, growth, fertility, and good fortune.
  9. Lavender: Grace, elegance, femininity, and refinement.
  10. Peach: Gratitude, appreciation, sincerity, and modesty.
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